Exhibitor Profile

• The High Tech Summit is intended for exhibitors who can contribute with knowledge for effective production and digitization of the enterprise’s business procedures and new business models.

• As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to create a profile on DTU’s huge platform and to meet the corporate executives/developers who want to kick-start development in their company.

• Development and software houses, companies that can provide new and efficient products, suppliers of products and services for streamlining processes, service, funding, etc.

• The place where research, development, and business meet and where technologies converge.


Exhibitor package

As an exhibitor, you can buy several packages that will be included in the conference program; these include a stand and possibly one or two presentations. As a general rule, all stands will come with stand walls and fascia sign boards, which are included in the price, but they can also be provided without. You can choose to provide presentations for the conference and thus improve your visibility and contribute towards the professional content. If you choose to contribute with a presentation, we will coordinate it with you. The purpose is to prevent several participants from delivering very similar presentations. Furthermore, we want to ensure that the presentation lives up to our quality requirements. Our committee of experts will coordinate this with you—and some adjustments may need to be made in order to arrive at the perfect presentation. Experience says that the attendees prefer educational customer cases. For example, how the supplier/consultant attained a good result for their customers. As a speaker, you will be promoted in the conference programme on equal footing with other speakers. We plan to have match-making, which will be carried out in the period leading up to the trade fair. Further information to follow. Meals are included in the price.


Strengthen your network

It will be possible to use our unique conference app and participate in workshops, ERFA groups, student match-making events, receptions, and a VIP dinner. In addition, there will be an opportunity to visit and experience laboratories and facilities at some of DTU’s 19 departments.